Daily blog 3/25/15

So this will be the beginning of my daily blogs. I’m going to try to keep making them everyday as much as possible.

So why do I continue to stay at a job I hate? I’d say the main reason is because the money is good. Especially in a small town we’re pretty much your only choices of a job are at a factory, McDonalds, or Walmart. Since I’m a single parent, the factory I work at is 1 of the few that offer more than minimum wage and even making more than that I still struggle daily. Now I shouldn’t have that many expenses. I still live with my parents its my choice. I have lived on my own before but for me and my parents we like the nicer things in life. We like to live in a nice house but to be able to afford we all have to to pitch in. I make enough to pay rent for my own place with what I pay my parents for rent. I also pay for my own cell phone and the internet at the house.  the plus to living with my parents is that for the most part I have free childcare because my daughter also lives with us. I’m not using my parents for that but it is an added bonus to living with them.
The only part that I don’t like about it is that I know if I leave, my parents can’t afford the house we’re in because I’m paying a good chunk of what the rent is each month. My mother works at a different factory than the one I work at and she’s been there for 17 years. Which is great for her I respect her for her choice of staying with that company for that long but that company doesn’t pay them what they should. I’ve been working at my job for 5 years. I made more than her the second year I was working at my job. My stepdad is a car insurance salesman he does pretty good but he only gets paid once a month.  it makes it harder for me and my mother because of him only getting paid once a month though.
Even though I make good money and I can afford a lot of nice things in life it doesn’t really add up to anything if the stuff I can afford with that money doesn’t provide a value to my life. And even if the stuff that I bought with the money did provided value what good does that do me when I’m dead. They don’t provide memories, at least, not worth wild ones. That’s why I want to be able to quit my job in a year. I want to go and travel the world. Hopefully I will  be able to do that with my daughter and I don’t want to be selfish and not take her but I don’t know how that will plan out yet.
When I was younger I made some questionable choices in life. now I have a child that is my responsibility everyday. I don’t regret the decisions I made but I do with the person I made them with. Regardless, I wouldn’t give my daughter up for anything.

Anyways I know this is a long blog. Hopefully most of the ones I do won’t be long but for the first couple I’m sure they will be so I can get the thoughts out of my head and onto the page. It’ll help me vent a little bit and it’ll help me with my depression a little bit. Since this is so long,I will come up with a word for the day so that way I will know that you read the whole post. that word is going to be

“life changing”.
And also if you did read it all, leave me a comment and tell me what life changing decision you made. If  it was for the better or for the worse or just you know,whatever.
Anyways hope you guys have a nice day in my area it’s sunny. I don’t know if it is in yours but get out and enjoy the Sun while you can cause you never know when you next time.


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