Daily blog 3/27

Quit alot I get called a pesimist by the people I work with. Pesimism is basically expecting the worst thing to happen instead of the best. I used to not be a pesimist. I used to be happy-go-lucky when I was younger. What happened? I became an adult stuck working in job where everyday they say we might work saturday, then say we wont,then back to again to say we will.

After the first year of dealing with that, I just stopped caring. I stopped caring about getting that days production, if we had to stay over to get it, and if we worked saturday. I still, to this day, think that way. So my outlook to my work life and by extension, my home life, has deteriorated by that type of thinking. I hate that.
I need a change in my life. All I do is sleep and go to work and I hardly get to see my daughter.
Here soon I’ll have surgery for my back  (which I think was messed up due to the job.) It’ll be tough and i’ll get through it. Honestly I cant wait for the surgery and healing to be done because I am going to change my life. Hopefully for the better.
Who knows, maybe I can stop thinking like a pesimist and start thinking optimistically.

So that said follow me for what I hope will be an adventurous and life changing blog that will take me through a journey of self recovery and the effects that follows.


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