Daily blog 3/30

I swear I live off of hotdogs. Everyday, before I head out toward work, I heat up 2 hotdogs and grab an energy drink to take with me. Once I get into my works parking lot, I eat the hotdogs and drink the energy drink. That’ll hold me over through the night. I do this everyday.

Why do I keep eating/drinking them? I know they are unhealthy. To answer that, it’s quick to make. Call me lazy, I guess. I am a creature of habit that knows the habit is bad. I just can’t find something that is healthy and quick to make. I dont have time to cook so I have to microwave whatever I take with me. It’s not really affecting my weight. I’ve been within 10 pounds of the same weight for the past 3 years. Despite my weight not being affected, I’m sure that my organs are a different story.
So, anyone have a suggestion to what I could make or heat up in a microwave that is healthy and quick? Leave me a comment if you think of anything. I will do my best to ditch my “hotdog habit”.


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