Why i started blogging: Daily blog 3/31

I’m going to keep this one short I hope haha. The past few weeks Japan has peaked my intrests again like it always does. When it does, I start watching YouTube videos from Jvloggers. I stumbled upon one Jvlogger that I just couldn’t stop watching. The Jvlogger in question is non other than TexaninTokyo.


Grace Buchele Mineta is a native Texan, founder of the hit blog “Texan in Tokyo,” YouTuber, and author of the autobiographical comic books, “My Japanese Husband Thinks I’m Crazy” and “My Japanese Husband (still) Thinks I’m Crazy.” She lives in Tokyo with her husband, Ryosuke, where she blogs and draws comics about their daily life as broke newlyweds, navigating silly cultural misunderstandings as an interracial and intercultural couple, and dealing with the loneliness and frustrations of being a freelancer in a foreign country.


Their videos are mixed with information and a little bit of comedy. Can I say poop hat? I haven’t had time to watch alot of their videos because I’m stuck at work to much but out of all the other Jvloggers, I think they are the most favorite of mine. You can feel their love for each other in every video and it makes my hardened heart soften.
After watching a few videos, I found out that Grace runs her own blog. Naturally I felt compeled to start reading it. Her blog is just as informative and funny if not more than the videos she makes with her husband, Ryosuke. Also, her comics are adorable and hillarious.

Because of how awesome they are, I decided that I wanted to start wrighting as well. Not that I’m awesome but thats how this blog got started. So thank you Grace and Ryosuke for getting me started on doing this. 🙂
Btw, she also has made 2 comic books so anyone reading this should give them a read.


You can order her books from Amazon
And soon on her blog.

So again I’d like to thank them both for giving me the inspiration to do this blog.


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