Easter 04/05

Today me and my family did the same thing most people do for Easter. We went to a relatives house and ate some food. Since we no longer have any young kids in the family (my daughter is at her moms this Easter) we didn’t do a egg hunt. Boring family stuff, but there was something else amazing happen today.
On Friday, my mom took my daughter to her mothers’ house and she took our cat with her. My moms’ intention was to leave the cat there. When they got there the cat ran off. My daughters’ mother house is almost 8 miles away. Anyway, after coming home from the store today,  I noticed a familiar cat in the neighbor’s bushes. Turns out, our cat took a nice little tour of the town for 3 days to make it home. It amazes me that a cat who has never been out of our neiborhood could find his way home  from 8 miles away. I wish I had a natural GPS like my cat does lol.
The cat also finally recieved a name today after us having him for 2 years.
Since he was given away on a Friday and returned on Sunday (Easter weekend) his name is now Jesus.


Yard sales Daily blog 04/04

I Iove and hate going to yard sales.
Most that I visit, the person doing it is an old lady selling old clothes and stuff from the 70s and 80s. Most of the stuff people try to sell in my area is either items no one wants or they price it as much as a store would. Such as yellowed lamps, irons, rotary phones, and clothing they only wore a few times but they want 5$ less then the 20$ price for them at the store.

Although I deal with this alot, it only takes one item to change it into a goldmine. I went to one and got Mario Party 8 for the Wii for 5$. Ill be able to flip it for a 22$ profit at Gamestop. Just that one find made the day for me.

I’ll continue going to yard sales even if I dont find anything because I know eventually I’ll find something of value.

Water Daily blog 4/02

In Japan the Sakura are blossoming. People will go outside and take tons of photos of the white pedals that form before they fall shortly after blooming.

In America, there is not really anything natural like that where people wait all year just for a beautiful picture from nature.

I’d like to think that the way i feel about water is the same way Japanese people feel about Sakura. The only place in my area that has a beautiful pond is at Crowley’s Ridge which I talked about the other day. The pond, more importantly; the water fall, is the main attraction to me. I like to climb half way up the stairs beside the water flowing down the hill and listen to the amazing music only moving water can make.

If I am having a bad day I could go sit by it and all my problems wash away. Water, as we all know, is what we use when we take our baths or showers, go swimming in, consume to stay hydrated, and what substains life on this Earth. So for me, to be able to go and listen to water flowing down a hill it also renews my spirit and makes the worst things seem not so bad.


Water is fun, water is beautiful, and most of all , water is life.

Daily blog 4/1

Today I’m not looking at the news for the fact 90% of it will be fake. It’s April 1st which means it’s April Fools Day. A day where even the mightest companies will troll the population.

I’m avoiding the news because half of the time they announce some fake product, I want it. Then my dreams are crushed.
So lets all stay away from news outlets and social networks where today is nothing but a giant troll day.
See you all again tomorrow if we survive this trollmageddon.