Easter 04/05

Today me and my family did the same thing most people do for Easter. We went to a relatives house and ate some food. Since we no longer have any young kids in the family (my daughter is at her moms this Easter) we didn’t do a egg hunt. Boring family stuff, but there was something else amazing happen today.
On Friday, my mom took my daughter to her mothers’ house and she took our cat with her. My moms’ intention was to leave the cat there. When they got there the cat ran off. My daughters’ mother house is almost 8 miles away. Anyway, after coming home from the store today,  I noticed a familiar cat in the neighbor’s bushes. Turns out, our cat took a nice little tour of the town for 3 days to make it home. It amazes me that a cat who has never been out of our neiborhood could find his way home  from 8 miles away. I wish I had a natural GPS like my cat does lol.
The cat also finally recieved a name today after us having him for 2 years.
Since he was given away on a Friday and returned on Sunday (Easter weekend) his name is now Jesus.


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