Crowley’ Ridge Daily blog 3/29


Today I thought I would do something that was different than what I normally do on a Sunday afternoon. For the past few weeks I’ve been wanting to go walk some trails at the AR state park Crowley’s Ridge but I haven’t been able to because of the weather. Lucky for me, the Sun was out and the park was calling.
For those unaware of Crowley’s Ridge here is their description from their website .

“Located atop the forested hills in northeast Arkansas, Crowley’s Ridge State Park occupies the former homestead of Benjamin Crowley, whose family first settled this area. Native log and stone structures, constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, set the mood for this park’s rustic warmth. Park facilities include four fully-equipped, modern duplex cabins with kitchens; a group lodging area featuring five bunk cabins, a kitchen/dining hall and bathhouse; 26 campsites–18 Class B and eight Tent sites; picnic areas; snack bar; trails; standard pavilions; baseball field; 31-acre fishing lake (electric motors only); and a 3 1/2-acre swimming lake.”
Yes I copied and pasted it.

I arrived shortly after 12pm and besides a lone jogger I was the only one there. I did the usual walk around the recreation area passing by the main pavillion, playground, and ampitheater. Then I went over a wooden bridge thats been their longer then I’ve been alive. Beside the bridge is a man made wishing well.

Bridge and wishing well

I went to the top of the stairs and took a few photos of it.

Top of the wishing well
I ruin a good photo lol

After staring at the well for a bit, I decided to go and walk a trail. The trail i went on is named ” The Dancing Rabbit Trail” because an Indian seen a rabbit dancing or something like that. I cant remember much of the story besides that. On the board explaining the story, there are pictures of what animals might be seen if you go on it. Animals such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, and the one I wanted to see, red foxes. Unfortuantely all I seen were a few birds and squirrels running away the second they seen me. I mustve looked scary in my Walking Dead jacket and Starlord T-Shirt haha.


On the trail are a few bridges. Most of them were just ordinary walkways but there is one that sticks out above the others. I cant remember all the information about it but its said that the bridge is a suspension type bridge with the pillars being 50ft tall. It’s a magnificent peice of craftsmanship at least I think it is.
After the bridge, I was torn between 2 choices; the “Moderate” route or the “Hard” route. I chose the hard route. My legs regretted it lol. The hard route is a lot of hill climbing but once I was atop of the hill it became pretty easy despite being out of breathe. All in all, it took me around 30 to 45 minutes to finish the trail.

Fallen tree on the trail

So after being exhausted I slowly walked back, taking a few last memories of the day, to my vehicle to leave. Days like these come not enough to where you can go out into some woods and walk by yourself to contemplate your goals and future.
If you have a State Park nearby I would highly recommend going. It can be therapeutic and if your depressed it might just cure it a little bit.
Hope whoever reads this had an amazing day and have a great night as well. Comment if you want to share any stories or have any questions. I happily accept them. 😉

View from the foot bridge