Snow in Spring!? Daily blog 3/28


Today I woke up like I normally do, Groggy and tired. I have a bad habit of smoking a cigarette almost right after I get up. Out of respect for my parents and all, I always go outside to smoke.
Well, today was weird. For the past week or 2, the tempurature outside has been in the 50’° range. Today it was different. Its about 38° or so. Not only that, but it was snowing!
I’m not the biggest fan of snow because I hate having to drive in it. In the USA, we have to drive everywhere to get to where we go since everything is so spread apart. Anyways, this little bit of snow didnt seem horrible. In fact, it was almost magical.
The grass is now green and leaves are starting to bloom. Birds were chirping. Squirrels were running away from my dogs. My dogs always try to catch one. They always fail. The snow brought out the beauty in it all.
This picture isnt from this snow. It’s from a snow storm we had in early January. It was horrible. Even though it was, me and my family found time to enjoy it.
About 1 block away from my house is a cemetary, which is located in the center of town for some reason…
At the back side of the cemetary there is a big hill that they put all the excess dirt at. They dont bury anyone around there. Itd be creepy and disprespectful of us if they did bury people there and we still played on that hill.
We took slides as we left the house and walked to that area. It was a good walk. Air was clean and barely any traffic. We got there and ran up the hill and my daughter was first to slide, then me, my nephew, and my mother last. It was fun until we became to cold.
After we got back home we enjoyed time around the fireplace. Thats about as much fun I had with snow in awhile but I still loathed it. I still had to drive on streets filled with snow and ice going 10mph so i wouldn’t crash into something.
But this snow that is happening off and on as I write this, I dont hate or loathe it.
I know it wont stick and it’s not 19° or below like it was last time. It’s refreshing to me and reminds me that, even though I can hate something, there is beauty in everything.