Water Daily blog 4/02

In Japan the Sakura are blossoming. People will go outside and take tons of photos of the white pedals that form before they fall shortly after blooming.

In America, there is not really anything natural like that where people wait all year just for a beautiful picture from nature.

I’d like to think that the way i feel about water is the same way Japanese people feel about Sakura. The only place in my area that has a beautiful pond is at Crowley’s Ridge which I talked about the other day. The pond, more importantly; the water fall, is the main attraction to me. I like to climb half way up the stairs beside the water flowing down the hill and listen to the amazing music only moving water can make.

If I am having a bad day I could go sit by it and all my problems wash away. Water, as we all know, is what we use when we take our baths or showers, go swimming in, consume to stay hydrated, and what substains life on this Earth. So for me, to be able to go and listen to water flowing down a hill it also renews my spirit and makes the worst things seem not so bad.


Water is fun, water is beautiful, and most of all , water is life.


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